To be a leading Rotary club that touches the largest number of lives amongst the less privileged in the community.


To deliver Humanitarian service to the community so as to improve the quality of life, foster understanding, good will and peace in the communities whilst promoting ethical conduct and unity among the community.

Sponsored by Kampala Rotay Club

Chartered on 17th April 1988 with RC of Mengo

Charter President Rtn Manuel Pinto

Charter Members: 29

Meets at Muyenga International Hotel on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm

Members 110 as at 30th July 2012; Male: 70 Female: 40

Deceased Members: 10

Joseph Katende, P. Martin Kalema, Francis Lubega, Francis Kikubayire, J Bagunywa, Mark Byamaro, Dr Sekimuli, John Kibirango, Phoebe Gahwera, Manuel Pinto.

Paul Harris fellows: 100%