The Malaria Project, a collaborative effort between RC Muyenga, RC Oklahoma City, the Government of Uganda, Rotary International (TRF), and Action Aid Uganda, represents a united front against malaria in Eastern Uganda. Focused on the Greater Katakwi Area, the initiative goes beyond the provision of mosquito nets to address the broader spectrum of malaria prevention and control services.

This ongoing project has not only delivered tangible results in the form of mosquito nets but has also catalyzed the formation of RC Katakwi, a local Rotary Club entrusted with overseeing the sustained implementation of the malaria elimination program. The involvement of multiple stakeholders underscores the project’s holistic approach, combining resources, expertise, and community engagement to make a lasting impact on malaria prevention efforts in the region. The collaboration exemplifies the power of collective action in addressing public health challenges and underscores the Rotary Club’s commitment to serving communities and promoting global well-being.


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